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Immigrant Communities

Summary of Governor’s Proposed Budget for Immigrant Issues

April 20, 2021 — Governor Evers has proposed a budget that removes barriers to driver licenses for undocumented immigrants, allows undocumented students to qualify for in-state tuition, provides additional resources for English language learner services in K-12 schools, and creates a Latinx outreach specialist at the Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection.

An Inclusive Approach to Undocumented Immigrants Can Help Wisconsin Prosper 

August 23, 2019 — Undocumented immigrants come to Wisconsin in search of opportunity, looking for safe communities for themselves and their families. In return, they benefit our communities by bringing cultural and economic vibrancy, entrepreneurship, and an expanded workforce for some of the state’s most critical industries. Wisconsin lawmakers should implement policies that promote prosperity for immigrants who are undocumented, their families, and the communities that welcome them.

Governor Evers to Propose Measure Breaking Down Barriers to Driver Licenses

January 14, 2019 — Governor Evers has said he will include a measure in his budget proposal that broadens access to driver licenses, making it easier for immigrant parents and workers to make ends meet and provide supportive homes for their children. Breaking down barriers to licenses would also bring broad-based benefits to Wisconsin’s economy and boost communities and businesses across the state.

The Contributions of Immigrants in Wisconsin are Critical to Shared Prosperity

March 4, 2018 — Wisconsin’s economy needs immigrant workers. Policymakers should make sure that immigrants in Wisconsin have the opportunity to thrive and contribute to Wisconsin’s shared prosperity, both as community members and workers. When immigrants do well—both in the workplace and in families and communities—we all succeed.

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