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Corporate subsidies

Five Reasons the Foxconn Deal Would be Bad for Wisconsin

August 21, 2017 — The proposed package of incentives aimed at encouraging Foxconn to build a manufacturing facility in southeast Wisconsin could cost the state more than $3 billion in the next 15 years. This analysis summarizes five of the reasons why the proposed deal is a poor use of public resources.

The Big Giveaway is Getting Bigger: Updated Figures Show Growing Tax Credit is Inefficient, Costly

February 2, 2017 — A tax credit that allows manufacturers and some other businesses to pay next to nothing in income taxes has ballooned far beyond original cost estimates and is slanted to favor a small group of wealthy claimants. Most of the credit goes towards reducing income taxes for millionaires, with some tax filers with incomes of over $1 million receiving tax cuts of more than $100,000.