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Budget and Taxes

A Decade After Historic Cuts, Wisconsin Still Hasn’t Fully Restored State Aid for Public School Districts

January 27, 2020 — Despite recent increases, Wisconsin’s public K-12 school districts still receive less in state aid than they did a decade ago, prior to historic cuts to education. During that timeframe, state lawmakers chose to pass large tax cuts instead of investing the money in local schools. Lawmakers are also increasingly diverting resources allocated for education to private schools and independent charter schools, reducing the resources available for public school districts, which educate the vast majority of Wisconsin students.

Missing Out: Residents with Low Incomes Pay More Under New Budget

July 24, 2019 — State tax policies can be a powerful tool for expanding opportunity and enhancing racial and ethnic equity. But right now, Wisconsin’s tax system calls on the richest residents to pay the smallest share of their income in taxes and requires residents with low and moderate incomes to pay more than their fair share. The legislature rejected Governor Evers’ proposed tax changes in his 2019-21 budget plan that would have reshaped Wisconsin’s tax code to give less of an advantage to the wealthy, by reining in tax breaks for the rich and redirecting the benefits to the middle class and people with low incomes.

Five Key Things to Know about the Foxconn Contract

February 21, 2019 — Mounting evidence creates serious doubts that Foxconn will build a factory in Racine County that comes anywhere close to the consider employment levels that Foxconn promised. As policymakers and the public consider what to do next, here are five key things that people need to understand about the contract.

Ensuring Working Families Can Succeed

February 15, 2019 — All Wisconsin workers should be able to support their families, put food on the table, and make ends meet. This short issue brief describes how state lawmakers can make common-sense reforms that support workers and boost the economy and narrow the divide in our state—a divide that disproportionately causes economic hardship for families of color.

Building Revenue for Shared Priorities

February 1, 2019 — For Wisconsin’s economy to work for everyone, our state needs to invest in healthy and well-educated workers and communities, public infrastructure, and working families.

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